Previous Session: Egypt – Bread, Freedom, and Dignity?

Have the days of the Pharaohs returned to Egypt? Did they ever disappear? In 2011, after taking to the streets in protest, Egyptians celebrated Mubarak’s stepping down from power after thirty years as president. The Muslim Brotherhood’s subsequent rise, an organisation which had been marginalised almost since its establishment in 1928, represented an entirely different tone for Egypt. A president was elected, and he was from the Muslim Brotherhood. A year into his time in office with petrol and electricity shortages nearing ubiquity, protests ensued. The military supported the protestors’ calls, as did the Defence Minister, Abdul Fatah El-Sisi. Thus began yet another era in Egypt. Join us to discuss the rapid developments in Egypt, from the January 25th Revolution to the ousting of Morsi in 2013, and to the subsequent election of Abdul-Fatah El-Sisi as president.

We ask:

  • How does Sisi’s economic policy differ from that of the Morsi or Mubarak eras?
  • What are the most pressing needs of the Egyptian population? Have they changed since Mubarak?
  • What have been the changes made to the constitution since Mubarak’s ousting?
  • What is the current status of the possible transfer of Egypt’s two islands in the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia? What are the implications of this possible deal?
For this discussion we will not be joined by any particular ‘area’ expert. In the tradition of the Middle Eastern majlis, we hope that this will encourage even greater participant discussion. We welcome all input based on the suggested readings and beyond.

*LOCATION CHANGE- PLEASE NOTE: This Majlis session will be held from 11am-12pm on Friday 10 June in the Hedley Bull building, Seminar Room 3. If you would like to attend, please contact us for catering purposes.


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