Upcoming Discussions

Defining the Ummah

What is the Ummah? Is it a term for the nation of Islam? A religious community? Are these terms even coherent or useful in the Islamic tradition? Answering these questions involves confronting a set of historical and theoretical problems. These include historiographical problems concerning the formative period of Islam, as well as the concept and colonial physical presence of the state in modernity.

For this Majlis we will be joined by Dr Ghada Wadeisa, who will discuss the development of the term particularly in Salafi and Jihadi doctrines in the last century. Dr Wadeisa has a PhD in sociology from the ANU, and has conducted research into culture, religion and nationalism.

Where and when?

1100-1230pm, Friday 17 November.

Majlis sessions in 2017 are held at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (CAIS) at the ANU.

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